James Duncan

Attorney at Law

Growing up in Boy Scouts and the church, James Duncan learned at a young age how to recognize a problem and figure out a solution. To this day, his sense of fulfillment comes from helping others in need. Allow him to use his passion and experience to guide you toward a brighter future.

Brandon Nobles

Attorney at Law

A skilled litigator, Brandon Nobles is the attorney you want on your side during your personal injury case. He’s ready to fight for the fair compensation you deserve after a car wreck, dog bite, or serious fall upends your life. Discover how he can provide you with fierce advocacy in South Carolina.

Here For You & Your Family

We Provide Objective Advice

Issues like divorce and child support can quickly become emotional. When things get heated, we’re able to give you our unbiased opinions on a course of action.

Pursue Solutions that Benefit Your Loved Ones

You want what’s best for your family, so the outcome of your case should keep everyone’s best interests in mind. We’ll listen as you outline your family’s needs and center our strategy around them.

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Let’s Work Toward a Brighter Future Together

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Seek Justice After an Injury

Car Accidents

If you wound up in the hospital as a result of a reckless driver, get in touch with us. We’re ready to fight for the compensation you need.

Medical Malpractice

Health care professionals take oaths to protect. Tell us when yours failed to act in your best interests. They deserve to be held responsible.

Premises Liability

After a slip-and-fall accident or a dog attack, you have the right to pursue a financial reimbursement from a negligent property owner.

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Based in Rock Hill

Serving the Carolinas

Rock Hill, SC

Our office in Rock Hill provides a welcoming environment for our clients. Set up a time to talk.

Lancaster County, SC

After an accident-related injury in Lancaster County, reach out to us to start seeking a fair outcome.

Fort Mill, SC

Our services expand beyond our office’s doors. Contact us to see how we can represent you with compassion in Fort Mill.

Chester County, SC

Fighting for child custody in Chester County, South Carolina? Tell us how we can be your advocate when you need us.

York County, SC

Having grown up in York County, our attorney James Duncan is proud to serve the place that raised him.

Mecklenburg County, NC

For guidance in Mecklenburg County and throughout the state of North Carolina, get in touch with Duncan and Nobles LLC.

The Experience & Dedication You Deserve

Whether you’re dealing with an issue of family law or personal injury, you probably have a lot of questions. Instead of relying on an internet search to tell you what to do, turn to the personal and professional guidance of two knowledgeable attorneys.

At Duncan and Nobles LLC, we represent clients throughout the Carolinas. With our diverse backgrounds in the legal industry, we’re prepared to guide you through some of life’s most difficult moments. Tell us when you need help navigating the divorce process or fighting for compensation after a car accident.

In every case we take on, we use a unique combination of collaboration and leadership to pursue the results our clients need. You deserve a say in how your case is handled, which is why we’ll involve you in all major decisions. If you’d prefer us to take the driver’s seat, we have the skills to fight on your behalf.

When an injury or marital problem is standing between you and the future you deserve, contact us in Rock Hill, South Carolina, today. We're proud to serve York County and surrounding areas with skilled guidance. Together, we can work toward a solution that’s right for you.